Author Tracie Barton-Barrett

Tracie Barton Barrett Buried Deep in Our Hearts

Wednesday, May 24

7 PM in the Community Room

Mid-Michigan native Tracie Barton-Barrett is stopping by to read and discuss her self published novel, Buried Deep in Our Hearts.  Tracie, a counselor with a specialty in animal loss, has created presentations and led goups on the human-animal bond.  Set in a fictionalized Michigan town, which very much resembles Midland, Buried Deep in Our Hearts is the story of three families and their animal companions.  A 1991 graduate of H.H. Dow High School, Barton-Barrett said intitially, she set out to write a self-help book on the pain of loosing a pet but found creating a fictionalized work freed her to express herself and her subject of grief.   A book sale and signing will follow the presentation.