Construction Board of Appeals


The Construction Board of Appeals meets on a demand basis to hear and decide upon proposed variances to the respective construction codes.


The board shall consist of seven members appointed by the City manager for two-year terms. Members shall be qualified by experience or training to perform the duties of members of the board of appeals. To the extent possible, each construction discipline as well as at-large members shall represent the board as follows:
  • One licensed residential contractor or general contractor
  • One licensed registered professional engineer, architect or registered building inspector
  • One licensed master electrician or registered electrical inspector
  • One licensed master plumber or registered plumbing inspector
  • One licensed mechanical contractor or registered mechanical inspector
  • Two citizens at-large
All members must have a background in construction and a working knowledge of the codes being enforced.

Current Board Members

Name Appointed Term Expires Position
Steve Taglauer| Email
Tenure of Office Staff Liaison
Loren Krause 10/15/01
Plumbing Contractor
Cathie Martelli
06/3/15 06/30/19 Licensed Builder
Jeff Cergnul 07/01/15
Mechanical Contractor
Charles Plessner
Citizen At Large
Donald Blasy
07/01/16 06/30/18
Master Electrician
Robert Martelli
Professional Engineer
Philip Baker 07/01/17
06/30/19 Citizen At Large