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Appreciation of Beautification Award Nomination

  1. Landscaping Accomplishment (Residential and Non Residential)

    The landscaping must be readily visible to the public.

  2. Structural/Site Improvements (Residential and Non Residential)

    Nominations in this category shall be considered primarily for completed projects. This award is for exterior improvements. The committee is interested in structures and site that have been restored to an aesthetically pleasing condition. A photograph showing "before" should be included in this category if available.

  3. Special Recognition

    Any nomination which does not fit in categories one and two above can be considered for Special Recognition. All of the eight guidelines listed for the Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment Award can apply here but are of lesser magnitude than would be required for our top Civic Commitment award. It may also be used to recognize a previous recipient in categories one and two who have made substantial additional improvements since their previous award (i.e.: a change in the type of flowers planted does not constitute a substantial improvement, unless it results in a significant improvement in the aesthetics of the property).

  4. Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment Award

    In addition to the categories outlined above, a Bette R. Tollar Civic Commitment Award may be presented as deemed appropriate by the Committee, to any individual, group, or organization that has displayed outstanding civic commitment to beautifying our community or carrying out the goals and objectives of the Beautification Advisory Committee. Awards may be given for contributions of at least 7 years by an individuals that significantly impat the beautification of Midland.

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