MCTV Disclaimer

Programs seen on MCTV are submitted by the public or on behalf of a non-profit organization. MCTV, the City of Midland, Charter Communications and AT&T are not responsible for the content of the programs. The views presented do not necessarily represent those of Charter, AT&T, the City or MCTV. If you would like to produce your own program, contact MCTV at 837-3474.

MCTV facilities or equipment shall not be utilized for programs that are not intended to be cablecast over MCTV channels. Under no condition may MCTV equipment or facilities be used with the intention of generating personal profit or gain.

All qualified access users shall assume full legal and financial responsibility for their use of MCTV facilities and equipment, except for ordinary wear and tear of such facilities and equipment.

To obtain a copy of MCTV's Rules & Regulations, stop by the studio, located in the lower level of the Grace A Dow Memorial Library. For more information on how to become an access user call MCTV at 837-3474.