City Council Meetings City Council meetings are held in Council Chambers at City Hall.

2023 Meetings

Agendas, summaries, and minutes for 2022 regular Council meetings are below.

  • Agendas are posted by 5 p.m. on the Thursday preceding the meeting date.
  • Summaries are posted by 5 p.m. on the day after the meeting date.
  • Minutes are posted by 5 p.m. on the day following the meeting when they are approved.

2022 & Earlier Meetings

Council agendas and minutes for years 2022 and earlier can be found in our Agenda Center.

January 6AgendaSummaryMinutes
January 7AgendaSummary
January 9AgendaSummaryMinutes
January 23AgendaSummaryMinutes
February 13AgendaSummaryMinutes
February 27 CancelledAgendaSummaryMinutes
March 8AgendaSummaryMinutes
March 13AgendaSummaryMinutes
March 13AgendaSummaryMinutes
March 15AgendaSummaryMinutes
March 20AgendaSummaryMinutes
April 10AgendaSummaryMinutes
April 17AgendaSummaryMinutes
April 24AgendaSummaryMinutes
May 8AgendaSummaryMinutes
May 22AgendaSummaryMinutes
June 5AgendaSummaryMinutes
June 12AgendaSummaryMinutes
June 12AgendaSummaryMinutes
June 26AgendaSummaryMinutes
June 26AgendaSummaryMinutes
July 10AgendaSummaryMinutes
July 24AgendaSummaryMinutes
August 14AgendaSummaryMinutes
August 28AgendaSummaryMinutes
September 11AgendaSummaryMinutes
September 25AgendaSummaryMinutes
September 27AgendaSummaryMinutes
October 9AgendaSummaryMinutes
October 23AgendaSummaryMinutes
November 13AgendaSummaryMinutes
November 20
December 4AgendaSummaryMinutes
December 18AgendaSummaryMinutes