City Calendar and Services Guide

The 2021 City Calendar Photo Contest has been delivered to all City residents. If your address did not receive a 2021 City Calendar, please email and include your mailing address. Calendars do not forward under the USPS mail forwarding guidelines.

The 2021 City Calendar cover with photos of a dog, the Tridge, and more

About the Calendar

Every year, the City of Midland publishes the annual City Calendar and Services Guides to provide citizens with information related to:

  • Public meeting schedules for Midland City Council and our boards and commissions
  • Due dates for taxes, utilities payments, and more
  • City and community events
  • General information about our departments’ day-to-day operations, contact information, and ordinances
  • Beautiful photos of our community at work and play!

Why Should I Keep My Calendar?

The front of the calendar provides grid information, public meeting dates, useful program and service tidbits, and photos submitted during the Community Photo Contest. The back of the calendar - the Services Guide - contains a detailed description of our departments, operational procedures, relevant ordinances and regulations, and contact information for our various departments. Chances are, you can easily find the answer to most frequently asked City questions in your calendar and services guide!

When Will I Get My Calendar?

All residents within the City limits receive a City Calendar & Services Guide every year in their mailbox in early December. New residents in the community receive one in their "welcome packet" mailed by Public Services.

If you are a City resident and did not receive a 2021 City calendar, please email to request one be mailed to you. If you are a resident outside of the Midland city limits, please stop by City Hall to pick up a calendar. You can also download a digital copy of the calendar by clicking the link below.

 Click here to download the 2021 City Calendar    

Annual Calendar Photo Contest

How do we get those big, beautiful photos of our community that appear in the City calendar? FROM YOU!

Running January through September, the City holds a Community Photo Contest for residents to submit their favorite photos of life, work, and play in Midland. Winners are notified of their selection by the first of November. Winning photos appear in the following year’s calendar and are selected based upon a variety of factors, including photo quality, uniqueness, creativity, and subject matter. 

Think you can take the best photo for our City calendar? Check back soon for a digital form to submit your best pictures for the 2022 City Calendar & Services Guide!