Adopt-A-Park Program

How to Adopt

Adopting A Park is easy and a great way to be a steward of your community!

  1. Decide which park you would like to adopt.
  2. Contact Parks and Recreation to confirm your park
  3. Pick up to four dates (one in spring, two in summer and one in fall) that you would like to clean up.
  4. Notify Parks and Recreation of these dates so we can arrange for additional debris clean up.
  5. Have each member of your clean up sign a Release and Hold Harmless Form
  6. Admire your new Adopt A Park sign once it has been installed!

Adopted Parks

Park Name Adoptee
Barstow Woods Area Dog Walkers
Chippewassee Humane Society of Midland County in loving memory of Rhoda Palmateer
Emerson This Park Adopted by Steve Witt - State Farm Insurance
Hintz First United Methodist Church & Maple Grove Community
Kent Tony Soehnel
Plymouth Midland County Service Area 595 Girl Scouts Heart of Michigan
Revere First United Methodist Church Middle School Youth Group
Stratford Woods Midland County Juvenile Care Center
Riverbend Park Bob Allbee

Adopt A Park Forms