Liquor Licenses

The City Attorney is responsible for preparing an annual review of each liquor licensee in the City of Midland. This applies only to alcoholic beverage licenses for consumption on the premises. This includes Class C, Hotel B, Tavern, Resort, and Class D (private club) licenses.

All liquor licenses are issued by the Michigan Liquor Control Commission (LCC) and based upon their criteria.

Prior to issuance by the LCC, the City Council is required to make a recommendation to the LCC on each liquor license application filed with the LCC. In addition to the LCC application, each applicant must complete a City application and pay an application fee of $250 for the transfer of ownership, transfer of location, or transfer of ownership and location of a liquor license.

For questions concerning the City's liquor license ordinance (Article VII of Chapter 15 of the Code of Ordinances (PDF)) please contact the City Attorney's Office at 989-837-3395.