Thrune Park

COVID-19 Closure thru July 6

PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the City of Midland’s ongoing COVID-19 response, all City buildings remain closed to the public until Monday, July 6. All services have resumed unless impacted by flood-related activities.

Located at 201 Revere Street between Main and Eastman Road

Open mid-May through October; weather permitting

Hours of Operation: 10 a.m. - Dusk, Daily

Thrune Park is an interactive learning play area that is fenced and gated - perfect for Midland’s youngest residents. The park was reopened in 2011 after receiving a complete renovation, funded by the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation. Improvements include a new restroom facility, covered benches, redesigned accessible pathways, an upgraded water feature and new play features.

Thanks to the continued generous support of the Charles J. Strosacker Foundation, the Parks and Recreation Department was able to make some updgrades to Thrune Park during the summer of 2015. A new inch worm play feature was added under the shad sail, the original picnic table was replaced with a new table (complete with toddler seating) and a different play panel was installed to chang up the play offerings at the park. The crown jewel of the renovation is a new splash pad play area, including three splash puddles that spray gentle streams of water and offer a colorful soft play surfacing.

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