Tech Tips

May 9 2017

How to close all tabs in Safari, Chrome, or Silk on your smartphone or tablet

When searching the Internet, it is easy to get to the point where you have many tabs open at the same time. Here’s how to close all of your web browser’s tabs.

  • Safari: Tap the Tabs button in the lower-right corner to open a carousel of all of your open tabs. (It looks like 2 boxes, one in front of the other.) Tap and hold “Done” until you see options appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap Close (number of) Tabs.
  • Chrome: Tap the Tabs button in the upper-right corner. (It looks like a box with the number of your open tabs.)Tap the Menu button in the upper-right corner. (It looks like 3 dots.)Tap Close All Tabs.
  • Kindle Fire Silk: Tap and hold the X in the current tab at the top of the screen.Tap Close All Tabs.

October 10 2016

Accidentally closed a browser tab you weren't finished with? Control-shift-T will reopen it, whether you're using Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, or Edge. View a collection of other keyboard shortcuts that will work across all browsers.

October 27 2015

Mac users - here's a whole mess of things you can do with the Option key. I've been a Mac user for years, and several of these were new to me!

October 13 2015

Did you know that downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks now show up in the library catalog right alongside the paper books? Click the "Download" button next to the eBook or eAudiobook you want.
For help getting started with eBooks
For help getting started with eAudiobooks

catalog ebooks record

October 6 2015

Do you know someone who could use practice with their computer mouse? Try Mousercise, a fun "training" website put together by the Palm Beach County Library. (Sorry, Fitbit users - it probably doesn't count toward your exercise goals for the day, but getting comfortable with a mouse can make using a computer much easier!)

Mousercise Webpage

September 29 2015

Two Tips Today:

  • The new iOS 9 includes a feature that attempts to reach a cellular signal in the event that the phone has an insufficient WiFi connection. That can cost people with limited data plans money... here's how to turn it off.
  • Have you seen the purported "privacy notice" going around Facebook? Don't bother reposting it: your use of the site is governed by Facebook's terms of use policy, not by a block of text you repost. Learn more at Snopes.

September 15 2015

This list is written for parents of teens but includes many social media safety tips that the rest of us should also remember! #TechTipTuesday

August 25 2015

#‎TechTipTuesday: Learning to search the new library catalog?

To limit your searching to items in our library:

1. Click into the box at the top that says “Everything," and

2. Click on “Grace A. Dow Memorial Library” before you search for the item you want.

August 11 2015

When you're browsing the web, save time by using "Control-L" instead of your mouse to jump your cursor up to the address bar so you can go to a new webpage.

On a PC, hold down the "CTRL" key and press "L"... you'll see the address of the webpage you're viewing become highlighted, and you can begin to type the address of the one you want to visit.

If you're using a Mac, use ⌘-L - hold down the Command (⌘) key and press L.

Tech tip august 11

August 4 2015

Need help learning how to get library books on your eBook device? Visit our eBooks Help page to get started - or bring it in to the Reference Desk, and we'll get you started.

July 28 2015

I was stuck recently with a low laptop battery and no charger. Do you know what to do to extend your battery life if you find yourself in that situation?

Whether you use a Mac or a PC, some things you can do include:

  • dimming your screen;
  • quitting applications you aren't using/only using one application at a time;
  • muting your sound;
  • and turning off Bluetooth and/or WiFi.

You can buy yourself a noticeable amount of battery life by following some of the above steps and this PC Magazine article.

July 7 2015

Bikers and walkers - Measure the length of your workout route or plan how far you want to go for a future excursion using the City of Midland’s mapping service.

Go to our GIS website and choose the "Measure" tab at the top, click on "distance," and the type of measurement (feet, kilometers, miles).

Then you can click point by point on the map to see the length of your route. Double click the last point to finish the measurement. For example, it is 2.05 miles to walk from the Library to Great Lakes Ice Cream Company using St Andrews. Is that enough to offset a cone?

Tech tip GIS map

June 9 2015

Have strange marks appeared on your Microsoft Word document? A black dot between each word and strange symbols at the ends of lines? Don't worry - they won't show up on your printout; they're just informational marks showing you how many spaces are between each word, where you have a paragraph break in your document, and so on. To turn them off, look for the "¶" in your menus and click on it (for an example, see the attached photo).

And by the way, that ¶ symbol? It's called a "pilcrow." The more you know

Tech tip word markup symbols

June 2 2015

Library patrons frequently ask how to print a webpage, particularly when they are using Chrome to browse the Internet. Unlike Internet Explorer, Chrome has no "File" menu to click on. Instead, many menu choices are found under the three-line symbol on the upper right side. Click on the three lines to view them, and then you can select "Print" from the list that opens. See the attached picture for an illustration.

Tech tip chrome print

May 19 2015

I know we've covered some Google tips once before, but here's a nice graphic that includes some others. Did you know that you can search for other websites that are similar to one you like?

Tech tip google

April 7 2015

When forwarding an email message that includes a list of prior recipients' email addresses, follow these steps:
1. Click in the body of the email message you are forwarding
2. Highlight all of the addresses of people who have received the message - and
3. Delete them.
By doing so, you may prevent the addresses from being spread around to spammers, and you keep the focus on the message you're trying to send.

March 17 2015

Keyboard shortcuts can save you time! Many people do not know the keyboard shortcuts for "cut," "copy," and "paste," and it's so much easier to use them than to find the appropriate choice using your mouse. Here's how to accomplish these tasks with your keyboard:
COPY: Highlight the text you want to cut, hold down the "CTRL" key, and tap the letter C. This saves the text to your clipboard but also leaves it in its original place.
CUT: Highlight the text you want to cut, hold down the "CTRL" key, and tap the letter X. This saves the text to your clipboard and removes it from its original place.
PASTE: Click where you want the text saved to your clipboard to appear, hold down the "CTRL" key, and tap the letter V. This inserts the text you cut or copied into the new location in your document.

March 3 2015

Ever try to search Google for a phrase (like if you were trying to find out who has been called the greatest basketball player in michigan), only to have it return millions of irrelevant pages?
Use quotation marks in your searches, and your results will be much more on-target.
Searching for "greatest basketball player in michigan" - with the quotes - will bring up only pages containing that exact phrase. In this case, that cuts your results down from 1.3 million to 5.

February 24 2015

In Microsoft Word on a PC, use the keyboard shortcut Shift+F3 to change the case of your text.
First highlight the portion you want to change and then press Shift+F3. The shortcut will toggle between upper case, lower case, and then capitalize the first letter of each sentence or word.