Rental Program

Rental Housing - Inspection & Permitting

The City of Midland inspects and certifies all homes, duplexes, rooming houses, short term rentals (i.e. Airbnb, Vrbo, etc.), and apartments in Midland that are not occupied by the owner of such properties. This includes properties where no rent is being collected and/or the occupants are related to the owner.

If the owner is occupying a single-family home, they may have up to 2 boarders without requiring a rental inspection. A single-family, owner-occupied home with more than two renters requires a rental inspection. No more than 4 unrelated tenants may occupy any single rental unit. Other occupation restrictions may apply on a case-by-case basis; contact the Building Department at 989-837-3383 with any questions.

If the City of Midland has not already contacted you about beginning the inspection and certification process for the rental property(s) that you own, please call the Building Department at 989-837-3383. Rental units may not be rented out until inspections have taken place and units have been certified by the City's Building Department.

Registering With the Building Department

If the unit is not yet in the City's program, the owner must fill out a rental certification application (PDF), pay the applicable fee, and schedule an inspection before renting the unit. This is to ensure that the property is inspected and certified before it is occupied.

Rental property owners can email, or contact the following Building Department staff with questions or to schedule an inspection:

  • Julie Moe, Office Assistant 989-837-3384
  • Chris Inman, Housing/Code Inspector 989-837-3385
  • Nate Pounders, Housing/Code Inspector 989-837-3389