Resolving Landlord / Tenant Disputes

Disputes between tenants and landlords that do not involve City of Midland, State, and/or federal code violations that are normally determined by the City's housing inspectors are to be handled between the tenant(s) and landlord. Disputes on issues such as rent, leases, or security deposits would not involve the City of Midland Building Department.

Additional Sources of Information

  • "Tenants and Landlords: A Practical Guide" (PDF) - This is a 64-page document with helpful information on tenants' and landlords' rights, leases, pre-occupancy inspections and available forms (leases, sub-leases, inspection checklists, and requests for repairs, to name a few). A free copy of this document is available at the City's Building Department or through your State representative's office.
  • Legal Services of Eastern Michigan (LSEM) - This organization offers free legal advice to lower-income residents on a variety of issues, including landlord and tenant issues. To find out if you qualify for this assistance, contact LSEM at 800-322-4512 or, in the Midland area, 989-832-7987.
  • Civil Division of District Court, Midland County - 989-832-6701. The division works on landlord / tenant issues that may lead to district court, such as the collection of delinquent rent, evictions, or non-payment of land contracts.