Gardener Information

Start Planting

Work on your plot can begin no earlier than mid April with a planting deadline of mid-June. Plots that remain un-planted by the June deadline are assumed abandoned and will be forfeited without a refund.

Water to the gardens will be made available during the growing season as weather conditions allow with steady temperatures above 32 degrees. The projected annual turn on is mid-May.

Work Your Garden

Please remember that gardens take time to grow and it is important that you understand the commitment you are about to make. Gardeners can expect to spend approximately 3-5 hours a week at their plot to keep up with the maintenance required.

Weeds must be kept to a minimum in order to keep the spread of weed seeds down and also for our City staff to assess your garden maintenance. At all times, your plot must be kept clean and free from debris and weeds. Plots that become over run with weeds will be given one week’s notice to clean up. Failure to clean up will result in the bed being considered abandoned and forfeited without a refund.

Your garden plot must be planted, maintained and stay within its boundaries. You must have plants or produce in your plots. Plots may not be consistently weedy, untended or filled with debris.


Gardeners should be aware that municipal park hours for this location are from 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Garden Etiquette

One of the goals in community gardening is to work together, next to your neighbor in harmony. Please be courteous and cooperative in all interactions and work together to resolve any disagreements. Contact Stephanie Richardson for guideline clarification. Our Garden Manager will be on site periodically through the week to check the plots often and encourage productive use by all participants.

Harvest and Garden Cleanup*

At the end of the growing season gardeners must level and clean their plot. Cleaning involves both the plot and the walkway directly around your plot by removing dead plants, temporary supports and other debris. The projected shut off of water is mid-September. The cleanup deadline is the second Sunday of October.

Gardeners whose plots remain with debris at the end of the season will be notified and given five working days to clean up the plot. If the plot remains with debris the gardener forfeits future plot space in the garden.

*The City of Midland reserves the right to harvest crops that have been abandoned. These crops will be donated to a local food bank.