Tree Removals & Replants

Tree Removal/Replant Process

The Parks and Recreation receives several calls each year regarding the process on tree removal. Below is a detail on how this process works.

  • Trees are marked for removal based on observation by the City's forestry crew or by homeowners. If a tree is deemed dead or dying, it will be marked with a mark indicating what action will be taken. Please understand that the City of Midland WILL NOT remove live trees from outlawn areas.
  • If a tree is scheduled for removal, the homeowner will be notified via door hanger of the removal.
  • Once the tree is removed, small pieces will be chipped and the trunk of the tree will be left for firewood. It is the homeowners responsibility to dispose of this firewood (typically firewood will disappear within days).
  • A stump will temporarily be left at the site until a stumping contractor will take care of this. Please understand that this is very seasonal and it could take several months for stumps to be ground. No stumping is done in winter months.
  • Once the stump is cleared, the City will repair any damage to the site caused by machinery.
  • The City may replant the outlawn with a new tree that is appropriate for the area. If you do not want a replant, please contact the Parks and Recreation Office with this information. The Parks and Recreation Office does not take requests for specific species of trees. 
  • Before the new tree is planted, there will be a hanging door tag notifying the homeowner and the outlawn will be staked.
  • We ask that you maintain the health of your tree by watering it constantly with the tree watering device left at your home.
  • If you wish to plant your own tree you must obtain permission from the Parks and Recreation Department.