Fall Leaf Collection Program

Image of two trucks picking up residential leaf piles

Coming soon - Leaf Collection 2020!

Fall leaf collection has not started in the City of Midland at this time. Residents should not rake leaves into the street until instructed to do so by the Department of Public Services. Please continue to bag or bin leaves until further notice. 

When the fall leaf collection program begins, information and updates will be posted on this page and shared on the City's social media channels; MCTV message board; and shared with local media outlets.

How the Program Works

The City of Midland's Fall Leaf Collection program begins when a significant amount of leaves have fallen throughout the city. The actual start date is based on weather conditions that promote leaf fall. A collection schedule using the Heavy Item and Brush Collection areas is used to determine where crews are collecting: Crews begin in Area B, then proceed to areas C, D, and A.Not sure what area you're in? Click here to view a map and search by address.

During fall leaf collection, residents rake leaves into the street, leaving at least one foot of gutter space between the leaf pile and the curb. Do not mix brush or refuse in with the leaf piles. Crews will complete at least two rounds of collection in all areas, weather permitting. Any leaves that have not been collected after the final round, must be bagged in paper compost bags or placed in the blue yard waste bin.