Department Administration At Your Service

The Midland Police Department handles day-to-day administration and supervision of the Police Department. They are committed to ensuring the department continues to provide exceptional service to the community, and are constantly striving to continue improving the department's abilities.

Marc Goulette, Interim Chief of Police: The Interim Chief of Police is responsible for administering the activities and supervising the employees of the Midland Police Department. Additionally, he is accountable for providing the community with an effective and efficient law enforcement agency committed to the continuous enforcement of laws, protection of life and property, and the preservation of peace within the City of Midland, directing , monitoring, and reviewing the activities of public safety staff He also represents the Police Department to the community to foster a positive public image and ensure the needs of the community are being met. 

Interim Chief of Police Goulette is also responsible for the duties related to the Deputy Chiefs position.  He assists in the overall administration of the Midland Police Department which includes the Patrol Division, Traffic Enforcement Division, Detective Bureau, Community Relations Unit, Records Unit, D.A.R.E. project, property and evidence control, S.W.A.T., administrative services, budgeting and purchasing. 

This is done to provide efficient and professional police services to the citizens of the City of Midland as well as to maintain a cost-effective operation of the police department. He supervises the day-to-day activities of the Midland Police Department Patrol Division to provide consistent, professional law enforcement services, assists in developing, administering and monitoring the annual police department budget, and serves as Midland Police Department's Public Information Officer and liaison with various medial outlets. Email Interim  Chief of Police Goulette.

Matthew Berchert, Administrative Lieutenant: The Administrative Lieutenant assists with the day-to-day administrative duties of the police department. His normal duties include, but are not limited to: coordinating training, maintaining department equipment, maintain all department records, coordinate school crossing guards, and acting as a representative of the department in the community. The Administrative Lieutenant oversees the School Resource Officers, Community Relations Office, K-9 Officers, and MPD's DARE officers. Email Lieutenant Berchert.

Michael Sokol, Patrol Lieutenant: The Patrol Lieutenant is in charge of the Patrol Division and Records.His normal duties include, but are not limited to: supervising police sergeants and officers, evaluating complaints from citizens, overseeing the Patrol Division, Records Bureau, Field Training Unit, Traffic Unit, Crash Reconstruction Unit, Parking Appeals, Special Events, Sex Offender Registry, Gun Registration and Concealed Weapons Permits, and other areas as directed, and acting as a representative of the department in the community. Email Lieutenant Sokol.

Joshua McMillan, Detective Lieutenant: The Detective Lieutenant is in charge of the Detective Bureau and all assigned personnel, including detective sergeants and detectives, warrant officer, BAYANET officer, and special operations officers. His duties include, but are not limited to: supervising criminal investigations, assisting at crime scenes, and in evidence collection, assigning cases for investigation, maintaining the department's Liquor Control Commission documentations and completing appropriate investigations, coordinating FOIA requests, conducting internal investigations as necessary, and maintaining the department's evidence and property room.