Footing Drain Disconnection Program Interest Form

The City of Midland has developed a Footing Drain Disconnection Program (FDDP) to help alleviate strain on the City's sewer systems and facilities and prevent sewer back-ups into residents' homes. While some properties in the City have already been identified for participation in the program, the City has set aside funds for additional properties that meet the program's criteria to participate in the program. On this page, you can learn if your home may qualify to have its footing drain disconnected from the sanitary sewer system and submit an application.

Funding for the program is available on a year-by-year basis. We hope to complete approximately one additional FDDP disconnection per quarter each year while funding is available, so please be patient! Properties will be selected depending upon a variety of factors that are mutually beneficial to the property owner and the City.

What is the FDDP?

A footing drain disconnection program (FDDP) aims to remove clean water from the sanitary sewer system by removing the existing connection between a home's footing drains and the sanitary sewer and redirecting that water to the storm sewer system.

A footing drain is a series of pipes around and under your home that moves groundwater and stormwater away from your foundation to prevent it from entering your home. Prior to 1987, homes in Midland were often built to connect their footing drains to the sanitary sewer system. The result: 1) The City's sanitary sewer system becoming overwhelmed with water that shouldn't be there, particularly during heavy rain events, which causes sewer back-ups into homes; and 2) the Wastewater Reclamation Facility unnecessarily treating clean storm water, which increases wear-and-tear on plant equipment, and increased operational costs, which result in higher rates for utility payers.

For more information on the City's Footing Drain Disconnection Program - how it works, what property owners can expect if they participate, and more - click here.

Does my home qualify for participation?

While we won't know for certain in some cases until a site survey is completed, the following criteria may help you determine if your property is a good candidate for footing drain disconnection:

  • Home was built prior to 1988
  • Home does not already have a sump pump installed
  • Home's footing drains are connected to the sanitary sewer system
  • Home has previously experienced basement flooding or sewer back-ups
  • Home is not already included in the FDDP mandatory areas (visit this page to check)

Complete the form at the bottom of this page and we'll review this information to see if your home may qualify.

Will I automatically be accepted if my home qualifies?

We'd love to accept all residents into the program that want to be included; however, we do not have the budgeted funds available to make this happen. We anticipate that we'll complete one additional disconnection per quarter while funds are available.

All applications will be reviewed as they are received and approved properties will be disconnected depending upon a number of factors that are mutually beneficial to the City and the property owner. If you are accepted but not immediately disconnected, that does not mean your home won't be disconnected through this program in the future! 

I want to apply. What's next?

Complete the form below. Once submitted, Water Reclamation staff will review the form and reach out to you to let you know if a site visit will be scheduled. Please note: If your property is selected to participate in the program, City staff and City-approved contractors will need to enter your home to view your current configuration, determine drain locations, etc. If this is not acceptable to you, please do not apply.

FDDP Interest Form

If you'd like to have your property considered for inclusion in the City's FDDP program, please complete the form below. A member of our Water Reclamation staff will reach out to you for more information and to set up a site visit if warranted. 

As stated above, not all properties submitted will be accepted into the program and not all accepted properties will be executed in the same fiscal year. 

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Footing Drain Disconnection Program Interest Form

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