Accessibility Information

Serving guests with various abilities  

The City of Midland Parks and Recreation department, along with the Middle of the Mitt Miracle League at the Midland Miracle Field is committed to accommodating those from diverse background as well as individuals with varying abilities (both physical and cognitive). Our staff have a diverse background in serving those with varying abilities and are provided training to encourage positive interactions amongst people with and without disabilities. Staff are informed on how to help individuals with varying abilities in the case of sensory overload, anxiety attacks, diabetic emergencies, etc. Additionally, we have resources available for those needing a sensory break or a calm and quiet place to regroup. In this space, individuals have access to headphones, dimming lights, fidget toys, and much more!

Additional info 

For individuals that require adequate time to prepare for their time at the Miracle Field, we have a social narrative/social story that is available for use prior to attending a game or event at the Miracle Field. This resource provides easy to understand directions/steps, visual aids and pictures that can be referenced to help prepare for your time at the Miracle Field. It also provides additional insight for families and caregivers to help better prepare their differently abled individuals, or how to better prepare them. The social narrative/social story can be edited to fit the needs of each individual and their families

Please Note 

  • As much as we strive for a sensory friendly environment for all individuals, this is still a baseball field/game. Please expect to hear music, cheering/clapping, and the use of a microphone to announce the game. We serve a wide variety of individuals who range from hard of hearing, to easily overstimulated by noise which means we have to try and keep the volume at a level that is a happy medium for everyone. 
  • We are pet friendly! You may see dogs of all shapes, sizes, and breeds! 
  • The Miracle Field is primarily outdoors and it can get hot! We have a large pavilion that provides shade, dugouts that are covered/shaded, as well as misting fans and a water bottle filling station. 
  • We have light snacks available at the concession stand but most contain dairy and/or gluten. 


  • ECVs and mobility scooters: please keep your speed to the walking speed of those around you.
  • We ask that you please adjust and lower your speed while maneuvering through enclosed spaces such as restrooms. And while maneuvering through crowded areas such as dugouts, volunteer sign in, concessions, etc. 
  • Picnic tables are wheelchair accessible on the ends of each of the 6 tables located around the exterior of the Miracle Field behind both dug outs. 
  • The drinking fountain is wheelchair accessible and also has a location to fill water bottles. 
  • There is a parking lot dedicated to handicapped parking and is equipped with locations for van parking. 
  • The Miracle Field is a universally accessible, soft surface baseball diamond that is flat and allows for easy movements for those with and without mobility devices. 
  • The area from the parking lot to the Miracle Field as well as the area surrounding the baseball diamond, are paved and flat to allow for easy movements for those with and without mobility devices. 
  • At this time, bathroom doors are not electronic assist. 


  • At this time, we do not have assistive listening devices available for use. The location where the music and microphone will be the loudest are on the bleachers on the right side of home plate.
  • If a quieter location is preferred then sitting in the outfield or bleachers/benches further away from the dugout will provide you with a quieter experience. 
  • If you are in need of, or would like to have a Spanish, sign language, oral, or cued speech interpreter, please call VOICE Inc. at 989-497-7111. If a video call is needed, please call 989-607-2291. We do recommend contacting VOICE Inc. as soon as you know the date of your event.  To ensure the best service, please specify the type of interpreter that you need. 
  • For City of Midland events, an interpreter may be provided free of charge. 


  • All four restrooms are handicap accessible and one is equipped with a full sized adult changing table and lift. We ask that you please provide your own sling for the lift due to sanitary reasons. 
  • The drinking fountain has a location to fill water bottles, a bowl for pets, and two spouts at different heights to drink out of. 
  • There is a parking lot dedicated to handicapped parking and is equipped with locations for van parking. 
  • If needed, the use of a sensory room will be permitted. To access this, please ask one of our staff for assistance. This space allows for a calm and quite environment, away from others and can be used if an individual becomes over stimulated.
  • Headphones are available upon request for guests who are sensitive noise. 
  • At this time, bathroom doors are not electronic assist.