Capital Maintenance

In order to maintain the integrity of Midland's public infrastructure system, capital maintenance must be undertaken to keep the City's street and utility systems functional and safe for the public now and for years to come.

Maintenance Projects

Each year, the City of Midland completes approximately $4-5 million worth of capital maintenance projects within Midland. These projects include:

  • Sidewalk replacement
  • Street reconstruction and resurfacing
  • Traffic painting
  • Water main, sanitary and storm sewer replacements
Utility workers maintain pipes beneath the earth's surface.

The Engineering Department meets annually with the City's Department of Public Services, Wastewater and Water departments to establish capital maintenance projects to be considered by Council for the following fiscal year.

Water Mains & Sewers

The Water Department and Wastewater Department provide engineering with information regarding which water mains, storm sewers, and sanitary sewers should be considered for replacement in the next year and beyond. These recommendations can be based on a number of factors:

  • Extensive pipe failures and maintenance operations that have occurred
  • In the case of water mains, the type of soil materials that exist where the utility was placed
  • The age of the utility system

Department Cooperation

Engineering, Water and Wastewater department staff members frequently meet each year to determine which utility projects are priorities and which can coincide with potential street reconstruction projects that are planned for each year.

Water & Sewer Maps

Maps of the City's water and sewer systems are on file and can be viewed at the Engineering Department:

City Hall
333 W Ellsworth Street
2nd Floor
Midland, MI 48640

Major & Local Streets

Many Department of Public Services employees such as refuse collection workers travel Midland's streets daily and are a great source of information about the condition of the City's street system. With their input and the use of a highly effective pavement management software program, the City Engineering Department is able to decide which streets should be reconstructed or resurfaced each year.

The pavement management software program is designed to make recommendations for street improvements based on existing or deteriorated pavement conditions, traffic volumes, costs for street improvements, and other factors.

Armed with the information received from other City departments, the pavement management software and field observations, the City can make the best decisions on how to use its limited maintenance funds. Also, combining projects, such as the replacement of a water main and / or sewer with a paving operation, can be an effective way in which the City can save valuable time, resources and funds.

Street & Sidewalk Repair / Maintenance

Routine street or sidewalk maintenance requests may be submitted to the Department of Public Services (DPS) at any time during the year. DPS is responsible for the maintenance and repair of all existing streets and sidewalks in the City. Call DPS at 989-837-6900 for more information.