Gun Registration & Safety

Registering a Handgun

First, you must obtain a purchase permit from the police department in the city or county in which you reside. You will need a valid Michigan driver’s license or Michigan ID card with current address. The purchase permit will cost you $5. You will have to pass a 15-question quiz on basic gun safety, and you will also have to possess a clear criminal record. The seller must complete and sign the purchase permit. To register the handgun, you must bring the completed purchase permit to the Law Enforcement Center for a safety inspection.

Registering a Rifle or Shotgun

There is no mandate to register a rifle or shotgun. It is recommended that you record your own make, model, and serial numbers from these weapons in case they are ever stolen.

Obtaining a Purchase Permit

You may obtain a purchase permit from the Midland Police Records Bureau by providing a valid driver’s license, correctly answering at least 11 of the 15 questions in a test given by the Records Bureau, and paying a $5 fee.

Obtain a Concealed Weapons Permit

A CCW packet is available, free of charge, at the Law Enforcement Center. All the information you need is within the packet.

Requirements for a Concealed Weapon Permit

You must:

  • Be 21 years of age or older
  • Be a Citizen of the United States or a Resident Alien
  • Be a Resident of Michigan for at least 6 months
  • Successfully complete a Pistol Safety Training Course
  • Not be subject to an order or disposition for any of the following:
  • Mental health order
  • Legally incapacitated
  • Involuntarily hospitalized
  • Been found not guilty by reason of insanity
  • Not be subject to a conditional bond release where firearm possession is prohibited
  • Not be subject to a Personal Protection Order
  • Not be prohibited by MCL 750.224f (felon in possession of a firearm)
  • Never be convicted of a felony in Michigan or elsewhere
  • Not have a felony charge that is pending against you in Michigan or elsewhere
  • Not have been dishonorably discharged from the US Armed Forces
  • Not have been convicted of one of the following misdemeanors in the eight (8) years immediately preceding the date of application:
    • Operating Under the Influence 2nd offense (257.625(1)(8)(b)) Reckless driving (257.626)
    • Driving on a Suspended License 2nd offense (257.904)
    • Hindering or obstructing weights and measures enforcement officer (290.629)
    • Hindering, assaulting, or committing bodily injury upon director or authorized representative of the Motor Quality Fuels Act (290.650)
    • Possession of a controlled substance (333.7403)
    • Displaying sexually explicit materials to minors (722.677)
    • Assault or domestic assault (750.81)
    • Aggravated assault (750.81A)
    • 4th degree child abuse (750.136B)
    • Accosting, enticing, or soliciting a child for immoral purposes (750.145A)
    • Vulnerable adult abuse (750.145N)
    • Solicitation to commit a felony (750.157B)
    • Impersonating a sheriff, conservation officer, coroner, constable, or police officer (750.215)
    • Illegal sale of a firearm or ammunition (750.223)
    • Illegal sale of a self-defense spray (750.224d)
    • Sale or possession of a mechanical knife (750.226a)
    • Improper transportation of a firearm (750.227c)
    • Failure to have a pistol inspected (750.228)
    • Accepting a pistol in pawn (750.229)
    • Failure to register the purchase of a firearm or a firearm component (750.232)
    • Improperly obtaining a pistol, making a false statement on an application to purchase a pistol, or using false identification to purchase a pistol (750.232a)
    • Intentionally aiming a firearm w/o malice (750.233)
    • Intentionally discharging a firearm w/o malice (750.234)
    • Possessing a firearm on prohibited premises (750.234d)
    • Brandishing a firearm in public (750.234e)
    • Possession of a firearm by a person less than 18 years of age (750.234f)
    • Intentionally discharging a firearm aimed without malice causing injury (750.235)
    • Parent of a minor who possessed a firearm in a weapon free school zone (750.235a)
    • Setting a spring gun or other device (750.236)
    • Possessing a firearm while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or drug (750.237)
    • Weapon free school zone violation (750.237a)
    • Stalking (750.411h)
    • Reckless, careless, or negligent use of a firearm resulting in injury or death (752.861)
    • Reckless, careless, or negligent use of a firearm resulting in property damage (752.862)
    • Reckless discharge of a firearm (752.863a)
    • Violation of a law of the United States, another state, or a local unit of government of this state or another state substantially corresponding to a violation described above
  • Not have been convicted of any other misdemeanor in this state or elsewhere in the three (3) years immediately preceding the date of application.
  • Not have been found guilty but mentally ill of any crime and not have offered a plea of not guilty of, or been acquitted of, any crime by reason of insanity.
  • Never have been subject to an order of involuntary commitment due to a mental illness.
  • Not have a diagnosed mental illness at the time the application is made regardless of whether you are receiving treatment.
  • The applicant is not under a court order of legal incapacity in this state or elsewhere.