Airport Rules & Regulations

Rules and Regulations - Jack Barstow Municipal Airport (PDF)

Updating the Rules

Updated rules and regulations for Jack Barstow Airport were adopted by Midland City Council on December 4, 2006 following a lengthy, year-long process by the Aviation Advisory Commission and City staff to update the rules for compliance with current standards. A series of public meetings took place in 2006 during which the pilot community and the public could provide input on proposed changes.


The goal of updating the document, which had been in place since 1997, was to:

  • Clarify rules
  • Improve the ability to enforce the rules
  • Maintain a format that was viewed as fair to all who are affected by the rules
  • Provide more flexibility with commercial operations

Following council's adoption of the updated document, a copy was mailed to each hangar owner / tenant and pilot registered at Barstow Airport.