Street Lights

Most street lights in the City are owned and maintained by Consumers Energy. Despite this, the Engineering Department often serves as a liaison between citizens and the energy company regarding street light maintenance and installation requests.

Requests for Street Light Maintenance

If a street light is not functioning properly, fill out the Street Light Repair Request under Street and Construction issues in Request Tracker on this site. You may also call the Engineering Department to report the problem. After Engineering receives initial information related to the location and condition of the street light, the information is reported to Consumers Energy.

Consumers Energy provides the City with a work order number so the reported maintenance activity can be tracked. Consumers Energy usually completes routine maintenance within 2 to 3 weeks after they've been notified. If the repair is likely to take longer, a representative from the City's Engineering Department will contact Consumers Energy to determine the status of the work. Once Engineering has this information, a representative from the department will contact the resident who reported the malfunction to inform them of the status of the repair order. Also, if a resident notices that the requested maintenance or repair has not been completed by Consumers Energy in a timely manner, they may contact the City Engineering Department at 989-837-3348.

Residents may also contact Consumers Energy directly to report their street light questions and concerns at 800-477-5050, or by completing an online form on the Consumer's Energy website: Consumers Energy Street Light Problem Form.

Requests for New Street Lights

Citizens should contact the City's Engineering Department for new street light requests on Midland public streets. Engineering staff will review the initial information provided, then contact Consumers Energy if the City determines that the addition of street light(s) will positively impact the affected area. Consumers Energy will determine the need and appropriate location for new street lights.

If it's determined that a street light is not necessary, the requester will be notified by the City's Engineering Department. If the City and Consumers Energy deem the new street light necessary or appropriate, the requester will be asked by the City to provide a petition signed by the affected property owners indicating they have no objection to the light installation. Petition forms are available through the City's Engineering Department.

Once the petition has been completed and received by the City, the request has received final approval, and the City has paid Consumers Energy for the work to be completed, the installation process will begin. Installation will be scheduled for installation by Consumers Energy.