Public Improvements

Requesting Public Improvement Projects

Each year, the Engineering Department undertakes an aggressive program to maintain and upgrade our streets and utilities such as water and sewer. As part of that program, residents may request that the City of Midland consider specific public improvement projects including:

  • Installation and/or repair of sewer and water mains
  • Installation of sidewalks where they do not currently exist
  • Street paving

Submit Request

If you have a public improvement project that you would like considered, please submit a written request detailing the project to:

City Engineering Department
333 W Ellsworth
Midland, MI 48640

Requests are accepted until November 1 of each year. Please note that there is no guarantee that projects submitted for consideration will be accepted.

Project Evaluation

Once the improvements list has been generated, the Engineering Department estimates a cost for each requested project and prioritizes the list according to the project's feasibility and available funding. This list then goes to the Midland City Council after the 1st of the year. The City Council evaluates each project and assigns a project priority at a special Council meeting in January. Council then determines which projects receive highest priority and allocates funding for the chosen projects in the next fiscal year budget.

Construction of approved public improvement projects coordinated by the City begins in the following fiscal year. Projects are usually completed within 1 - 4 months during the summer of the year in which funding is provided.

Funding Sources

Special Assessments

When a public street, sewer, water main or sidewalk is installed where one does not currently exist, the majority of the cost for constructing these improvements is paid for by the property owners fronting the improvement. The property owner's share of the costs is referred to as a special assessment.

Special assessments are approved by City Council following 2 public hearings. These hearings allow the benefiting property owners whose property will front the improvement to voice any concerns or ask any questions they may have about the project.

Once a special assessment has been approved, the affected property owners have the option of paying the full assessed amount within 30 days or paying over time. If paying over time, the assessment appears on the property owner's tax bill and includes interest charges.

County Road Millage

Every 4 years, Midland County voters are asked to renew a 1-mil property tax millage for Midland County road maintenance and improvement projects. The funds acquired from this millage are split among the Village of Sanford, City of Coleman, Midland County Road Commission and the City of Midland. The intent of the road millage is to improve, maintain and construct new roadways to the benefit of all residents in Midland County.

Major & Local Streets

The City of Midland receives funds from the State of Michigan (in accordance with Act 51, Public Acts 1951, as amended), which distributes gas and weight tax revenues to all cities, villages and counties within the State of Michigan based on the mileage of the Major and Local Street systems of each City, village or county. These funds are utilized to reconstruct, resurface, repair and maintain the community's street system, including snow plowing.