Signs & Signal Shop

The Signs and Signals Shop functions as part of the Engineering Department. The primary responsibility of this shop is to upgrade and maintain all aspects of signals, signs and pavement marking operations.

Signals Shop

The Signals Shop is comprised of 2 master electricians who maintain more than 110 signalized locations in the City of Midland, throughout Midland County and in the City of Auburn.

Public worker prepares to install a signal light.

These electricians are also responsible for:

  • Collecting traffic speed and volume counts
  • Performing electrical maintenance for the Jack Barstow Municipal Airport and other City departments
  • Upgrading and maintaining traffic control software

Traffic volume counts can be collected manually using traffic data collectors or by using mechanical traffic counters with air tubes that stretch across the roadway. Passing vehicles create air pressure in the tubes when crossing them, which can be recorded.

Sign Shop

The Sign Shop maintains more than 13,000 signs in the City of Midland. These City workers also assist with providing street construction signage for City projects. The Sign Shop is responsible for annually repainting various pavement markings on City streets, including:

  • Crosswalks
  • Lines indicating parking spaces
  • Painted arrows
  • Stop bars