Traffic Signal Control

Traffic signals are an intricate part of everyday traffic control in the City of Midland, City of Auburn and throughout Midland County. Without traffic signals at locations that require them, traffic volumes could not be controlled efficiently, traffic delays would increase, and both vehicle and pedestrian safety would be compromised.

Signal Design

Traffic signals are designed to work together to carry the largest volume of vehicular traffic through the City with the least amount of vehicle delay. What this means is that the direction with the highest volume of traffic will likely have the best traffic flow - or progression - from 1 signalized location to the next. Signals are also designed to help pedestrians with crossing at signalized locations.

The Engineering Department uses traffic engineering software and traffic data to help determine when signal timing updates are needed. These ongoing efforts help keep traffic moving safely and efficiently through Midland.

Flash Mode

Most traffic signals go into “flash” mode during the late night hours, from 11 p.m. to 6 a.m. each day. However, some signals may start flashing at 10 p.m., and some signals may not go into flash mode at all during late night hours. Also, some weekend traffic signals may flash in the daytime as well.