Mountain Biking Trails

In conjunction with the Michigan Mountain Biking Association, the City of Midland has developed almost 16 miles of winding biking trails that twist and turn over flat land and steep hills at City Forest. The mountain bike singletrack is bidirectional; however, arrows on the map and the old signposts at intersections show the preferred direction to take advantage of jumps and to avoid steep rooty climbs that are better taken in the downhill direction. Please be aware that you may encounter oncoming riders. The use of earbuds on the trail is discouraged for all users. 

City Forest Trail Systems

In addition to the biking trail system within City Forest, there are also numerous cross country ski trails. Please note that these two systems are intertwined with each other and can confuse the novice rider/skier. We ask users to please familiarize themselves as much as possible with the corresponding map for their activity. There are markers along each route, but these markers are sometimes vandalized or fall prey to weather.

City Forest Trails Map

City Forest Izone Map


We rely solely on volunteers such as the Michigan Mountain Biking Association to assist us in maintaining the trails, especially the mountain biking trail system. Volunteers are currently working on a new GIS mapping system for the forest so that we may provide users with a better system. When it is available, we will post it on this web page. Until that time, please familiarize yourself with the trail you are on.

Equestrians at City Forest

City Forest hiking trails may be utilized by equestrians in the spring, summer and fall months. Equestrians are never permitted on the mountain biking trails. Owners are asked to please refer to the cross country ski trail map as horse trails and to steer clear of all mountain biking trails. We also ask that during the winter season when cross country ski trails are being groomed, equestrians refrain from using the trail system.

Michigan Mountain Biking
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