Midland BMX Track

Midland BMX is Back!

July 2021. The Midland BMX track refurbishment is underway! Volunteers started meeting in the fall of 2020 to discuss track updates. Work on the BMX track started in June 2021 and is still underway. The track was rebuilt and regraded and volunteers are currently working on some fine grading, the installation of storm water piping and gate equipment, etc. Tune into the Midland BMX Facebook Page for updates!

A note about the BMX Track and its usage

Although the Midland BMX track is located within a park, it will not be regularly accessible to walk-in users. Now that the BMX track has been rebuilt, the City of Midland will restart the practice of locking the track during weekdays. Please understand that unsupervised wear and tear is detrimental to this facility, especially in wet weather.

The track will be available for sanctioned USA BMX races and public riding as soon as it is finished. Until that time, please let us know if you’re interested in volunteering or riding with the group. Contact the club via Facebook or visit their website!

For more information on Midland BMX please contact the Parks and Recreation Office at 989-837-6930 or by email!