Hiking Trails

Hiking in City Forest

There are two sets of trail systems within City Forest; mountain biking trails and hiking/cross country ski trails. Please note that these two systems are intertwined with each other and can confuse the novice rider/hiker/skier. We ask users to please familiarize themselves as much as possible with the corresponding map for their activity. There are markers along each route, but these markers are sometimes vandalized or fall prey to weather. Please note that the map at the trail head of the forest is the mountain biking map.

Winter Use

Should you choose to utilize the City Forest trails in winter, please feel free to do so. We ask only that you do not walk in the cross country ski track to the right/left of the main path, as this is the cross country ski track. Also, be aware that bicyclists continue to use our biking trails in the winter months.

Equestrians at City Forest

City Forest may be utilized by equestrians in the spring, summer and fall months. Owners are asked to please refer to the cross country ski trail map as horse trails and to steer clear of all mountain biking trails. We also ask that during the winter season when cross country ski trails are being groomed, equestrians refrain from using the trail system.

Other Trail Systems

If you enjoy walking, jogging, biking, skiing or rollerblading, Midland has beautiful and unique trail systems. They are sure to help you stay in shape or for just taking a relaxing stroll to enjoy the scenery.

  • The Grand Curve Trail is a 4.25-mile paved trail that runs from the Tridge southeast around the Grand Curve and ends at Patrick and Illinois.
  • The paved Chippewa Trail extends 4 miles from the Tridge southwest to the Chippewa Nature Center.
  • The paved Pere-Marquette Rail Trail begins at the Tridge and extends 30 miles to the city of Clare.

Midland Bicycle-Friendly

Once again, Midland has been named a Bicycle Friendly Community (PDF) by the League of American Bicyclists. For tips on bicycling safely on Swede Avenue bike lanes, please reference this YouTube video on safety.

City Bike Path & Non-Motorized Transportation Committee / Plan

A sub-committee of the Planning Commission, Midland's Non-Motorized Transportation Committee was established in July 2008 to bring more non-motorized transportation options - such as bicycling and walking paths - to the city. Click here for more about the Non-Motorized Transportation Committee and the City’s Bike Path plus ideas for creating more pathways.