Collecting & Dispersing Taxes

How Taxes Are Collected & Dispersed

Numerous millage rates could determine the amount of total tax owed on a particular property. In most communities, there is likely to be a millage to operate local government (such as the City of Midland), and another for the county (such as Midland County). In addition, part of the millage rate could include mills for libraries, police and fire, or schools.

Taxing Entities

In Midland, per State Law, the City of Midland collects taxes for these taxing entities:

  • Midland Public Schools
  • Delta College
  • Midland County
  • State of Michigan Education Tax
  • City of Midland
  • Midland County Educational Service Agency (MCESA)

Millage Rates

Each taxing jurisdiction has its own millage rate. These rates do not appear on City-issued assessment notices; however, Midland property owners can find out their millage rates by looking at their tax bills, by calling the City of Midland Assessor’s Office at 989-837-3334, or by viewing the current year millage rates for local jurisdictions. Current Millage Rates

The City of Midland’s share of total tax monies collected in a given year tends to be only about 33%. The remaining 67% goes to the other taxing jurisdictions listed above.