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Property Transfer Affidavit

State of Michigan Form L-4260: Assessors use this affidavit to make sure that property is assessed properly and receives the correct taxable value. An affidavit must be filed whenever title of real estate or buildings on leased land is transferred. It must be filed even if you are not recording a deed. Filing with the local assessor is mandatory, and must be done within 45 days of the transfer.

Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit

State of Michigan Form 2368: If you own and occupy your principal residence, it may be exempt from a portion of your local school operating taxes. To claim an exemption, you must fill out the State of Michigan’s Form 2368, Homeowner’s Principal Residence Exemption Affidavit, and file it with the City Assessor’s Office by June 1 for the summer tax levy and November 1 for the winter tax levy of the year of the claim for taxes levied after December 31st. The Assessor’s Office will adjust your taxes on your next property tax bill.

Please note that this is an exemption from part of the taxes and does not affect your assessment.

Owning your principal residence means you hold legal title to it or you are currently buying it on a notarized or recorded land contract. Renters should not file this form. Occupying your principal residence means this is the place you intend to return to whenever you go away. It is the address that appears on your drivers license or voter registration card.

You may have only 1 principal residence at a time. Vacation homes and income property which you do not occupy as your principal residence may not be claimed.

Request to Rescind Principal Residence Exemption

State of Michigan Form 2602: If you claim an exemption, then stop using it as a principal residence, you must notify the Assessor’s Office within 90 days of the change or you may be penalized. You can make the change by using the State of Michigan’s Form 2602, "Request to Rescind Homeowners Principal Residence Exemption."

Interest and Penalty: If it is determined that you claimed property that is not your principal residence, you may be subject to the additional tax plus any penalty and interest as determined under the Michigan General Property Tax Act, PA 206 of 1893.

Conditional Rescission Form

State of Michigan Form 4640: This form enables a person who has established a new principal residence to retain a Principal Residence Exemption (PRE) on property previously exempt as the owner’s principal residence. The conditional rescission allows an owner to receive a PRE on his or her current Michigan property and on previously exempted property simultaneously if certain criteria are met. An owner may receive the PRE on the previous principal residence for up to three years if that property is not occupied, is for sale, is not leased, and is not used for any business or commercial purpose.

General Property Tax Exemption Form

State Tax Commission Affidavit for Disabled Veterans Exemption

Property Tax Poverty Exemption

The application for a poverty exemption must be filed after January 1st but before the day prior to the last day of the Board of Review. Poverty exemption applications are considered three times a year at the March, July and December Board of Review meetings. All applications submitted to the Board of Review must include prior year income documentation for all persons living in the household.

Personal Property Statement

State of Michigan Form L-4175: All Michigan businesses are required by law to file a personal property statement, on or before February 20 of each year. Form L-4175 is used for the purpose of obtaining a statement of assessable personal property.

If you had assessable personal property in your possession on December 31, you must submit a completed Form L-4175 to the assessor of the community where the property is located by the statutory due date

Affidavit of Owner of Eligible Personal Property Claiming Exemption From Collection of Taxes

State of Michigan Form 5076:

Eligible Manufacturing Personal Property Tax Exemption Claim, Personal Property Statement, and Report of Fair Market Value of Qualified New and Previously Existing Personal Property (EMPP)

State of Michigan Form 5278:


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