Hotel / Motel Fire Safety

Not many of us tend to think about fire safety when using hotels, but we should.

Safety Tips

The Midland Fire Department would like you to remember these tips as you travel:

  • When making reservations, ask if the hotel or motel is equipped with smoke detectors and fire sprinklers.
  • Always pack a flashlight, wherever you go.
  • When you first get to your room, read the fire evacuation plan carefully. If there is not one in your room, ask the front desk for one.
  • Using the fire evacuation plan, locate the two closest exits from your room.
  • Be aware of the distance from your room to these exits. Count doors; this will help orientate you in an emergency.
  • Make note of where the fire alarms are on your floor.
  • Never smoke in bed.

Fire Response

What to do if fire breaks out:

  • If a fire occurs in your room, get out quickly. Close the door, sound the alarm, and notify hotel staff.
  • Use the stairway; under no circumstances should you use the elevator. Elevators could suddenly become inoperable or open on the fire floor.
  • If the fire is not in your room, leave only if it is safe to do so. Take your room key. If fire blocks your way out, you may need to re-enter your room.
  • Before opening your door, check the handle with the back of your hand. If the handle is hot, don’t open the door. If it is cool, open the door slowly and be ready to close it quickly. Crawl low if smoke is present, going to the nearest exit. The freshest air is near the floor.
  • If the door is hot, again don’t open it. Instead, seal the door with wet towels or sheets. Turn off fans and air conditioners. Call the fire department and give them your location.
  • Have an emergency bag ready containing important items like wallet, passport, house keys, a spare set of clothes, and that all-important flashlight.
  • After reaching the exit, hold on to the handrail to protect you from being knocked down by panicking occupants.
  • If fire or smoke is too dense at lower levels, turn around and walk up to clearer air.