Horticulture Division

Welcome to the City of Midland's horticulture program, a component of the Parks and Recreation Department. The horticulture program has been in place since 2007 and is responsible for landscape maintenance and beautification throughout the City.


There are many factors that determine a community’s potential for success. Most municipalities are interested in attracting new businesses and families, and make every effort to provide the amenities that are attractive to potential residents.

One of the most critical strengths, and one that is often overlooked, is the appearance of the community. Visitors immediately make a judgment about the community based on their first impression. Is the area litter-free? Is the area attractive and well maintained? Is there an underlying sense of civic pride shining through?

Many communities are beginning to recognize the importance of beautification and the impact it can have on all aspects of that community’s success. It is an investment that produces long-lasting and tangible rewards. Incorporating visual beauty into our public spaces has proven to be an effective method for raising property values, reducing crime, enhancing the local economy, and improving public health.

Horticulture Staff

Full-Time Horticulturist

Stephanie Richardson, City Horticulturist

Part-Time Seasonal Employees

Horticulture laborers are responsible for the landscape maintenance and beautification of multiple areas throughout the city and report directly to the City Horticulturist. The season runs April 1 - December.

Areas of Responsibility

Two of the most visible areas are the installation and maintenance of seasonal floral displays throughout the downtown area and the Midland Blooms project along Eastman Avenue. Numerous annuals are planted each spring in these two areas, including 85 hanging baskets and 75 large portable pots.

The team is also responsible for the maintenance of our city’s entranceway projects. Some of the project areas include the landscaping at the base of the U.S.10 Bridge and Eastman Rd., the Grand Curves (the green space between Indian Street and Buttles Street that starts at State Street) and the newly installed landscaping at the corner of M-20 and Currie Parkway. The crew also plants and maintains annual and perennial displays within our parks as well as traffic islands and medians throughout the city. It is a physically demanding job and requires attention to detail.

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