Non-Motorized Transportation Committee

About the Subcommittee

A subcommittee of the Planning Commission, Midland's Non-Motorized Transportation Committee was established in July 2008 to bring more non-motorized transportation options - such as bicycling and walking paths - to the city. The committee's vision is that within 5 to 10 years, most school children will walk or bicycle to school, and citizens will increasingly walk or ride their bikes to and from various destinations in the city of Midland. To meet their objectives, the committee will concentrate on education, engineering, enforcement, evaluation, and encouragement.

The focus areas for the committee are bicyclists, inline skaters, personal mobility users, schools, and walking enthusiasts.

Current Committee Members

  • Dave Waite, Chairperson & Engineering Leader
  • Brad Kaye, Staff Liaison
  • Jim Hemeyer, Enforcement Leader
  • Doug Greminger, Evaluation Leader
  • Mary Laforet, Safe Route to Schools (SR2S) Program Leader
  • Judd Tanzini, Planning Commission Liaison
  • Thoralf Brecht, Education & Encouragement Leader