Battle Teams 2017-2018

AAA and the Ember Agents of Blessed Sacrament

 Accidental NERDS of Sugar Man Swamp of Siebert

 Atomic Book Slayers of Adams

 Beastmode Cowboys Ride Again of Adams

 Book Bombers of St. John's Lutheran

 The Book Bunch of Pinconning Central

 Book Destroyers of Central Park

 Book Dragons of Adams

 Book Masters of Renaissance Public Academy

 The Book Rangers of St. Brigid

The Book Slayers of Floyd

Bookstorm of Adams

The Bookworms of Floyd

Cactus Laser Sharks of Chestnut Hill Team Photo

 Chicken Nuggets of Central Park

The City of Amadechmal of Pine River

The City of Readers of Floyd

 Confessions of BOB of Chestnut Hill

 CP Geeks of Central Park

 Dictionary Dragons of Pinconning Central

Geek Squad 9 of Pine River

Grim Readers of Central Park Team Photo

 Happy Hipppos of Central Park

 Ladies of Literature of Woodcrest

 National Nerds of Midland Academy

 Nerdamazoos of Woodcrest

 Nightmare Nerds of Siebert

 The Pageturners of Siebert

 Pygmy Puff Book Worms of Renaissance Public Academy

 Rams Discovery Readers of Renaissance Public Academy

 Ranger Zorgals Framed by Ember of Woodcrest

 Readers Secret of Floyd

 Reading Chipmunks of Chestnut Hill

 Reading Raccoons of Central Park

 Reading Warriors of Woodcrest

 Rockin' Readers of Adams

 Secret Readers of St. Brigid

 The Secret Sugar Dragons of Siebert

 The Secret Storm of Siebert Team Photo

Snazzy Banana Books of Hemmeter Team Photo

 Sugar Rush Girls of Siebert

 Super Lieutenant Gummy Bears of Midland Academy

 The True Blue Nerds of Blessed Sacrament

 Until We Showed Up of Plymouth, Siebert, Homeschool

 The W.W.R. of Chestnut Hill

 Zorganerds of Woodcrest