Streaming Videos

The City's on-demand - or streaming - video service provides for online viewing of televised meetings of the City Council and nine City boards and commissions. The service also provides streaming video of special programming that airs on Midland’s government channel, MGTV-188.

Live Streaming

City meetings are streamed “live” and archived for future viewing. Live streams can only be viewed at the time a meeting is held. Links to many of our past meetings from 2005 to the present can be found on the on-demand video page.

Meetings will show as "In Progress" when a meeting is streaming live. Past videos can be viewed at anytime, and can be found below the "Archived Videos" header. In addition, the MGTV-188 message board is streamed live 24/7 except when meetings or special programming is being aired.

In addition to City Council meetings, boards and commissions meetings are recorded and viewable live or as archived files. Televised boards and commissions include the following:

  • Aviation Advisory Commission
  • Cable Access Advisory Commission
  • Center City Authority
  • Downtown Development Authority
  • Library Board
  • Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Planning Commission
  • West Main Street Historic District Commission
  • Zoning Board of Appeals


On-demand video is compatible with most computer operating systems, including Microsoft Windows and Macintosh, that are connected to the Internet. Streaming video requires a recent version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari web browsers, plus Windows Media Player 9 or above.

In order to view video, you should have a broadband connection such as DSL, cable modem, or other high speed connection. Dial-up users may receive an audio-only stream.