Annexation is the process of bringing land from one jurisdiction to another by petition or resolution. Property owners interested in annexation to the city of Midland have 2 options.

Annexation Through Resolutions

The first option is as a result of the Urban Cooperation Agreement Act of the State of Michigan. This act has enabled the City of Midland and its adjacent townships to approve annexations through resolutions approved by the township and city legislative bodies.


The process involves preparing 2 annexation applications, one for the City of Midland and one for the appropriate township, and submitting both documents - along with 2 copies of the parcel drawing listed as "Exhibit A" - to the City of Midland. (One copy of the application remains with the City, and the other is forwarded to the appropriate township for approval.)


Once approved by the township, the application is submitted to the Midland City Council for approval. Once Council approval has been received, the application is sent to the Office of the Great Seal for verification. Once the City receives a letter from the Office of the Great Seal confirming receipt of the petition, the annexation becomes official as of the date of the letter.

Petitioning for Annexation

The second option involves petitioning the Michigan Boundary Commission for annexation. This Commission has authority over annexations that are not part of an urban cooperation agreement. This process includes:

  1. Filling a petition
  2. A legal sufficiency hearing
  3. A public hearing
  4. An adjudicative hearing
  5. A findings of fact meeting

Each of the above steps has certain criteria, procedures and requirements which must be followed and met for an annexation petition to proceed smoothly.

If you have any questions or need annexation forms or information, contact the State Boundary Commission at 517-334-7364.