Land Division & Boundary Adjustments

Boundary Adjustments

A boundary adjustment is when one property owner wants to convey to an adjacent property a small part of an existing parcel. A new parcel is not created. Approval is required to ensure proper lot sizes, setbacks and that the taxes are paid.

Boundary Adjustment Application

The owner of the property being divided or having a boundary adjustment is required to complete and sign the Land Division and Boundary Adjustment application form. If several individuals or a company, corporation, etc. own the property, only one signature is required on the application.

Completing The Application

You can view the Land Division and Boundary Adjustment Application (PDF) online.

  • The legal description of the parent parcel and each newly created parcel.
  • A site plan drawn to scale identifying:
    • Each parcel and its dimensions
    • All buildings and structures with setback dimensions
  • A completed and notarized Land Division Affidavit (PDF) must be submitted with the application. Notary services are available at Midland City Hall at no charge.

*The Land Division Affidavit is a legal-sized (8.5" x 14") document, and should be printed out onto legal size paper stock.

Land Division Affidavit

The owner of the property being divided or having a boundary adjustment is required to complete the Land Division Affidavit (PDF). The signature(s) on the application must be notarized, and the affidavit printed out onto 8.5" x 14" (legal-sized) paper stock. The owner must record the affidavit after the land division has been approved. This document will be returned to the property owner with the approved application.

Completing The Affidavit

  • The property identification code of each parcel affected by a division or boundary adjustment
  • The affidavit MUST include legal descriptions of all newly created parcels as an attachment
  • Notarized signature(s)
  • The number of land divisions being assigned along with the division; in most cases, this will be 0 unless the party doing the division is willing to give up division rights