Parks and Recreation

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The City of Midland Parks and Recreation invites you to explore our unique and exciting parks and programs. With over 80 parks in Midland and a variety of programs and special events for every age, we have something for everyone!

Parks Division

This division of Parks and & Recreation is responsible for city forestry services, parks maintenance and reservations, the horticulture division and Midland's Municipal Cemetery.

Recreation Division

This division is responsible for recreational opportunities operated/managed by the City of Midland.

  1. Karen Murphy

    Director of Public Services

  1. Marcie Post

    Assistant Director of Public Services

  1. Bart Heil

    Parks Supervisor

  1. Travis Keeton

    Parks Supervisor

  1. Stephanie Richardson


  1. Jesse Stewart

    Recreation Coordinator

  1. Brenda Howson

    Office Assistant

  1. Karen Mohr

    Office Assistant

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