Weddings in the Parks


Most Popular Wedding Locales

While weddings are permissible in all parks, brides have preferred the following locations in recent years:

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Approval Process

Parks and Recreation receives several requests each year to hold weddings in one of Midland’s beautiful parks. When you begin planning, know that your wedding event held in a park must be approved by the Director of Public Services. You must reserve the associated shelter in the park and pay the rental fee. You can submit a wedding request by clicking on the Submit Request button on this page. You can check the availability and rent a pavilion online.

Wedding Information

Because your wedding will be held in a public facility, there are a few things you should know:

  • Any decorations must not hinder or adversely affect other users of the surrounding areas and must removed after the event.
  • Beer and wine are permitted in our parks. There are no catering restrictions.
  • It is recommended that someone should be in attendance at the site at all times.
  • It is understood that you are fully responsible for any and all decorations and items used at the wedding site.
  • It is understood that your group will be responsible for the cleanup and disposal of refuse, leaving the site in the same or better condition than found.
  • It is very important to notify us if you intend on using amplified sound; this is limited to only a few parks.
  • The use of the park is non-exclusive. There is a potential for bystanders to view your event.
  • There are no permanent restroom facilities at Chippewassee Park. A portable restroom is located at the site.
  • We can work with you on your power needs.
  • Weddings located on the Tridge are not permitted but you can reserve the shelter in Chippewassee Park and use a portion of that park for your event. This area periodically encounters flooding. We recommend that you watch the area and the weather forecast in the weeks up to your wedding.
  • You must contact the Parks and Recreation Office at least one week in advance of the event for location of tents (utilize 8" or longer stakes). We charge a fee of $25 to approve location and organize a Miss Dig request.
  • You must reserve the shelter in the park through the Parks and Recreation Office.