Youth Swim Lessons


2020 Registration Information

Swim lesson registration begins simultaneously online and in person on Wednesday, May 27 at 7:30 a.m. You can register online by clicking here or in person at the the Parks and Recreation Department (4811 N Saginaw Rd.). No registrations will take place at Plymouth Pool.

Lesson Format

Lessons are available for 7 levels of swimming and are taught under the direction of American Red Cross Water Safety Instructors. Classes meet Mon through Thursday for two weeks. The cost per each two-week session is $45.00 and each class lasts 45 minutes (there is only 30 minutes of instruction in the Pre-K class). All classes are held at Plymouth Pool.

Swim Lesson Information

Here are some important things you should know about swim lessons...
  • Lessons are held on rainy days. 
  • If a class is cancelled due to lightning, it will be rescheduled on the Friday of that week. We will not make up more than two classes.
  • Please make sure your child is prepared to start on time. 
  • If your child is participating in Levels PreK-5, you will only be allowed to view the lesson from outside the fence. This will allow our staff to maximize their time with your child.
  • During swim lessons we do not allow any kind of flotation devices in the the pool. This includes water wings and life jackets. Goggles are acceptable.
  • Please review the lesson descriptions carefully. By signing your child up for lessons, you agree that your child is able to complete all the benchmarks of the prior level. Parents are responsible for ensuring their children are in the level-appropriate lesson for their child. If our staff finds that a level is too advanced and poses a safety risk for the child, the child will be removed from the class.
  • Parents will only be able to pre-register children for one level higher than the child's current level.  
  • Please know it is highly common for children to repeat levels before they are able to demonstrate each skill (and we encourage it!) It is not important how quickly they move through the program but that they master each skill within the level.
  • Should you wish to speak to one of our staff, our swim lesson supervisor will be on deck before and after your child’s lesson.  
  • To be notified of lesson cancellations you must have registered to receive Rainout Line notifications or call our Rainout Line. Information on the service is to the right.
  • During each lesson, we will provide a ratio of 1:6; 1 instructor per 6 children.
  • Is your desired class already full? Please join the wait list! We use the list to determine classes for the following year. We may also open a new class is demand is heavy enough.
  • Finally, a note about our schedule. We strive to provide a variety of lessons throughout the day. It is our responsibility to remain open for our public so we must limit the amount of night classes. Thank you for your understanding! 

Make Sure You're Ready for Registration!

Please log on to your account prior to the start of registration to make sure your account is active. View step-by-step instructions (PDF) to long into your account! 

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