What happens when I file a complaint?
Once a dispatcher has received a complaint, typically a patrol officer is sent to initiate an investigation and if necessary, will type a “formal report” about the incident. Each incident or complaint is assigned a complaint number. In most instances an officer will be able provide you with this number. If further follow-up or investigation is required, often that complaint is then forwarded to the Detectives Bureau.

Once an investigation is completed and charges are being sought, that complaint is then forwarded to either the Midland City Attorney or the Midland County Prosecutors Office.

Some complaints may not require an in-depth investigation, but may require some simple involvement of the police which will be resolved at the scene. This type of complaint, like the formal report, will also have a complaint number assigned to it. By the end of each shift, that officer(s) will complete a very brief synopsis about their findings and actions.

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