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1. What and how much can I bring to the landfill for free?
2. What are the operating hours of the landfill?
3. Why do Midland County residents have to pay for disposal of certain wastes if we pay taxes already?
4. What waste items will not be accepted at the landfill?
5. Does the landfill accept hazardous waste?
6. How can I dispose of liquid or hazardous wastes?
7. What is recycled at the landfill?
8. Can I bring recyclable materials that aren't collected curbside to the Midland Volunteers for Recycling Center at the landfill entrance?
9. Is compost available to residents or contractors?
10. How can I set up a tour of the landfill or the Midland Recyclers center?
11. What State of Michigan regulatory agency governs the City of Midland Landfill?
12. Who develops the Midland County Waste Management Plan?
13. Does the landfill accept Canadian or out-of-state waste?
14. What is the largest tree limb size that will be accepted at the landfill?
15. How do I measure the cubic yards of my load?
16. If someone disposes of something that I would like to recycle, can I remove it from the landfill?
17. Why wasn't my waste collected at the curb?
18. How do I purchase a bin for refuse collection or find out more about the City of Midland's "borrow-a-container" program?