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Application for Handbill Distributor's License


  2. This application is being made because the applicant is (check either phrase 1, 2, or 3):

  3. Phrase 1

  4. Phrase 2

    If 1 or 2 are not checked, go on to 3.

  5. (principle location)

  6. (if same as location address write 'same')

  7. Phrase 3

  8. Answer below only if Phrase 3 is checked

  9. (if same as location address, write 'same')

  10. * See Section 10-2 of the City Code of Ordinances for definitions.

  11. Length of license desired (check one)

  12. Price



    You will need to print this form and return it to the City Clerk's Office with a copy of the handbill that will be distributed and payment.

  14. I hereby request a Handbill Distributor's License of the type checked above for the term indicated. I acknowledge that I have received a summary copy of the City's Code or Ordinace requirements on handbill distribution.

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