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Center City Authority Commercial Corridor Façade Improvement Program Application

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  2. Center City Façade Improvement Program Application

  3. Please complete the form below to submit your project for Center City Façade Improvement Program funding.

    For more information on the Façade Improvement Program, click here
  4. About You

  5. If the building/property owner's information is different from applicant, please provide the following:

  6. About the Project

  7. Proposed Improvements (Check all that apply)
  8. Façade Improvements
  9. Landscaping
    Note: Only improvements that bring sites into compliance with or exceed City Zoning Ordinance standards will be eligible.
  10. Exterior Lighting
  11. Street Access
  12. Signage
  13. Site Accessories
  14. Regular Maintenance/Repair (Mini-Grant)
    Note: This excludes improvements that are required as a result of a violation of notice or citation
  15. Project Costs

  16. Please break down the project below by specifying the type of work to be done, the estimated cost, and attaching any written estimates using the file upload feature.

  17. Estimate?
  18. Estimate?
  19. Estimate?
  20. Estimate?
  21. Estimate?
  22. `

    Form of Payment

  23. The Façade Improvement Program will provide up to $5,000 in matching grants (including a combination of mini and regular façade grants) and up to $10,000 in matching loans for a total of $15,000 for eligible Center City properties every seven (7) years.
  24. Please select the amount of your façade request and whether it will be requested as a mini-grant, grant, loan, or combination.

  25. Has the project been reviewed by the City of Midland for building and zoning compliance?*
  26. Are the applied-for improvements:

  27. Required as a result of any violation, notice, or citation?*
  28. Non-permanent structures or movable equipment?*
  29. Required to comply with any code or ordinance?*
  30. Signatures and Agreement

  31. Please initial in the box below to indicate that you have provided at least one (1) photograph of the existing building and a detailed color rendering of design plans, including a description of work and materials to be used, as well as other project details.
  32. The undersigned signature affirms that:
    • The information submitted herein is true and accurate to the best of my knowledge
    • I have read and understand the conditions of the CCA Façade Program and agree to its conditions and guidelines.
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