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Softball Field Reservation Form

  1. Pitching Distance*
  2. Grooming Frequency*
  3. Admission*
    Do you plan on charging admission?
  4. Concessions*

    Do you plan to bring in vendors?

  5. Umpire Room (Redcoats Only)*

    Access to the umpire locker rooms?

  6. Do you need field lighting?
  7. If you answered YES to field lights, please indicate what time you want the lights turned on and off. Please use one-hour increments.

  8. Field Rental (Includes Initial Groom & Chalk)*

    Please understand that the cost of your field rental will be the rate of the year in which your event takes place.

  9. Additional Options
  10. Emerson Park*
  11. Optimist Park**

    *There is a limit of 10 teams at Optimist Park (due to extremely limited parking).

  12. St. Charles Park*
  13. Redcoats *
  14. I agree that I have read the rules and regulations of renting a softball field.*
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