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Midland County Sports Hall of Fame Nomination

  1. All nominations are due by November 15 of odd years.

    In addition to 3 letters of support please include a one page synopsis of the outstanding achievements of the nominee, such as the duration of the person’s career, individual awards or honors and/or the significant contributions made. (Awards must be documented). This submission may be accompanied by scrapbooks or other supporting documentation. Additional submissions can be sent to Midland County Sports Hall of Fame, c/o Marcie Post, 4811 N Saginaw Rd, Midland, MI 48640. All materials will be returned.

  3. Criteria*

    Nominees must have at least 3 letters of reference (one of these can be from the principal nominator) and meet at least one of the following criteria; check those that apply:

  4. All nominees will be contacted on the status of their induction after the selection committee has convened. All applications are held for three Hall of Fame cycles and candidates who are not selected within this time period years can be re-nominated. The Hall of Fame induction banquet will take place every other year in even years. Midland Amateur Sports Capital Committee members will work with inductees on gathering their banquet information. 

  5. All submissions will be directed to Marcie Post, President, Midland Amateur Sports Capital Committee. For more information or clarification please contact or by phone at 989-837-6930.


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