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Tree Planting Request

  1. New Tree Requests

    Would you like to request a tree to be planted in your outlawn? Please fill out this form so we can include you on our planting list. The City will plant the outlawn with a new tree that is appropriate for the area. The Parks and Recreation Office does not take requests for specific species of trees (because cultivar and stock changes regularly). Trees are planted annually in the spring and fall. Before the new tree is planted, there will be a hanging door tag notifying the homeowner and the outlawn will be staked. We ask that you maintain the health of your tree by watering it constantly with the tree watering device left at your home. If you wish to plant your own tree you must obtain permission from the Parks and Recreation Department.

  2. What address would you like the tree planted (if not the address above)?

  3. How many trees are you interested in planting?

  4. Species Preference

    Do you have a preference of species you'd like us to recommend?

  5. Permission to Plant Tree

    Would you like permission to plant your own tree? A supervisor will contact you regarding species approval.

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