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Event Application-Non Park Events

  1. Instructions

    This Special Event Application is to be used for events in the City of Midland (MI) that take place on City property or right-of-way areas including the Farmer's Market and Pere Marquette Rail Trail. For questions on this this form, please contact Selina Harris at or by phone at 989-837-3304.

  2. Non-Profit Organization?
  3. Is this a Repeat Event?
  4. What type of event are you hosting?
  5. Street Closures: Are you requesting any street closures?
  6. Will you apply to serve alcohol?
  7. Will you be utilizing amplified sound?
  8. Equipment

    The City of Midland offers equipment rental for a fee based on availability. Are you interested in utilizing any of the following?

  9. If you are holding your event in a park, will you be reserving a park shelter for your event?
  10. Equipment rental fees must be paid in advance of event. The organization representative may receive an invoice for additional City services after completion of the event based on the final utilization of staff and resources. Please be aware that other elements of your event may require additional approval.
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