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Midland-Handa Sister City Student Exchange - 2019 Student Application

  1. Instructions

    The Midland-Handa Sister City Student Exchange is a three-week exchange program between students from Midland and Handa, Japan. In 2019, three students from Midland will be selected to travel to Handa to represent our community, learn Japanese culture, and experience Japanese life through several host families.

    To apply for this program, please complete the form below. Please complete this form and have all references information submitted by Sunday, March 31, 2019.

  2. Essay Questions

    In the spaces below, please answer each of the following questions as completely as possible and share any other pertinent comments about yourself and your suitability for this exchange program.

    (You may also submit a PDF document answering these questions via the file transfer option below. Please limit your document to no more than three single-sided, double-spaced pages.)

  3. You may also upload a PDF version of your answers to the above questions instead of using the blanks provided.

  4. References

    Please list three references below. At least one of the three should be a present or former high school teacher, coach, or counselor.
    Each reference must also complete and submit the reference form found here or at by Sunday, March 31, 2019.

  5. Reference #1

  6. Reference #2

  7. Reference #3

  8. Online Signature

    By clicking on "Submit", I affirm that I am willing, if selected for this exchange with Japan, to participate in one to two orientation sessions, attend meetings when requested, and represent the City of Midland to the best of my ability while in Japan. Once I return, I will share my experiences with my fellow students and speak to groups in our community as requested. . I also affirm that my parent(s)/guardian(s) approve and support my applying for this program.

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