Leaf Collection Updates

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2022 Leaf Collection Map - Track the Trucks!

Map will be updated when the fall leaf collection begins. Check out the map below for an update on collection crews' progress.
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2023 Leaf Collection News

Curbside leaf collection is only available from October until the end of collection season. Yard waste can be taken to the landfill or put out on your weekly collection day in yard waste bins or in paper compost bags. (Yard waste is NOT accepted in plastic garbage bags.)  Collection stickers are required on bins and bags.

The Landfill will accept yard waste year round. Midland County residents may dispose of up to three cubic yards of refuse, demolition debris, scrap metal, or yard waste once per month.  The Landfill is open on Monday -Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesday's until 6 p.m. and on the first Saturday of the month from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Please read the following for information about how the collection process works.

Fall leaf collection from the street will be announced when there is a significant leaf fall throughout the City. A collection schedule using the Heavy Item and Brush Collection areas A, B, C, and D is used to determine the collection areas for the leaf crews. Leaf collection will begin in area B then proceed to areas C, D, and A. Residents can rake leaves to the street in front of their home until final curbside collection has been completed for the season in their area. Raking leaves to the street sooner will not start bulk curbside collection earlier.

Residents can track the progress of leaf collection crews via the updates below, calling the Leaf Collection hotline at 989-837-3405, or watching the MGTV-188 message board (AT&T U-Verse subscribers can watch the MCTV Network through Channel 99).

FALL FREE begins the first Monday in October (October 2, 2023) through the remainder of the yard waste collection season. During this free period, 40-cent per bag stickers and the annual yard waste bin stickers are not required. Crews will begin collection from the street when there has been a significant leaf fall throughout the City. Raking leaves to the street will not start the bulk curbside collection any earlier. Yard waste bags and bins are collected on your weekly refuse day.

Curbside Collection

4/28/23 Spring Free has ended.  Stickers on yard waste bins and compost bags will now be required until October 2, when Fall Free collection begins.
4/3/23 Spring Free!  No stickers are required on yard waste bins or on compost bags until May.